About Felix

The award-winning Healthcare AI start-up DocSynk is now known as FelixHealthcare.AI

Inspired by the IHI’s original Triple Aim (now the Quadruple), we use our collective experience in healthcare and technology to tackle problems, one at a time.

  • The original DocSynk product was an award winning patient-centered application to improve the scheduling experience.
  • Our next problem to solve: identifying patients at risk for a certain condition. We surpassed the results of some industry behemoths.
  • Our latest solutions address a monumental challenge in healthcare: administrative cost. We make the process more efficient and take away the repetitive, mind-numbing nature of the work in RCM – a bonus from a cost perspective but also for those employees who can now use their knowledge at a higher level.

Why the evolution to Felix? To put it simply, Felix means happy. At our core is the strong desire to improve healthcare. The experience should be happier for everyone involved: patients and their families, providers (clinicians and facilities) and payors (ACOs, employee-based groups and large commercial plans). We have the opportunity and challenge of using our technology and partnering with a variety of organizations to make healthcare better.

Our Story

It has been five years since we have started this exciting journey of making healthcare better with our AI. Here is a quick glance.