Chief Digital Officers

We make it easy to enhance your technology stack with the Felix AI Engine: Minimal integration effort by your team. Minimal downtime. HIPAA compliant offering. Minimal Risk.  

Easy Integration

We will not disrupt the current operation. We run in parallel (i.e. client provides us a view with the required elements) and then either provide an output file in the requested format or work with the client’s IT team to integrate the results into a portal or other workflow.

Unparalleled Activation Time

With the Docker environment, instances can be spun up in a matter of hours, not days.

Elastic scalability

Felix AI is capable of ingesting extremely large volumes of data in a variety of formats. 

Ironclad Security

The Felix AI Engine can run on our customer’s premise or in a HIPAA & High Trust Data Center used by top companies. If the Felix AI environment is selected, be assured that data is sent securely.