Chief Financial Officers

The Felix AI Engine risk sharing arrangement has made Artificial Intelligence an even smarter investment. Felix AI operates as a SAAS model and offers flexibility in risk-sharing arrangements.

Very Little Upfront Cost

We will not charge exorbitant consulting fees. Instead, we collaborate with organizations during a Felix AI Pilot to provide an initial set of actionable insights for a reasonable cost. Our customers see value before making a commitment.

Improve outcomes and decrease costs

AI and Machine Learning in Healthcare have the potential to improve outcomes and decrease costs. As a top entrant in a Forbes study on technologies to watch stated: “AI systems will deliver easily accessible, cheaper and quality care to 70% of patients.” Felix AI Engine surpasses this.

Prevent Costly Chronic Conditions 

We go beyond existing population health systems to identify and intervene.  First, Felix AI Engine identifies patients who may not know they have a chronic condition or will develop one soon. Next, Felix AI Engine engages with them to keep them managed within their home or outpatient setting and out of expensive care settings is hard to dispute.