Chief Medical Officers

The Felix AI offering aids clinicians and population health companies across the spectrum.We are never “playing doctor”. Rather, our models are trained in clinical standards and built on the latest technologies.

The Gold-Standard

Our diabetes identification model has demonstrated superior results to the leading population health management models and this has been validated by Chief Medical Officers. How? Even with the common occurrence of sparse data, our platform uses a unique combination of technologies to identify patients on a bad trajectory.

Chronic Condition Identification

Our models provide a list of patients who are at-risk for a certain chronic condition and their probability of being diagnosed within a certain time-frame. Our platform is very adaptive to the latest clinical guidelines (i.e. was able to incorporate the latest hypertension guidelines within a day).

Patient Engagement

Our innovative patient chatbot works within strict clinical parameters  and escalates to a physician once the patient mentions clinical conditions outside of those parameters to be absolutely safe.