Why Felix?

From the CEO: Why Felix?

Make. Healthcare. Better. 

DocSynk is now Felix Healthcare.

Vaidyanatha Siva, CEO at FelixHealthcare.AI

Why did we change our name? We’re glad you asked!

Much too often, healthcare is really a euphemism for “hospitals” and “sickness”. The hospital gown itself is a metaphor for the complete lack of agency felt by a hapless patient – feeling abandoned and exposed, left to wait too long in a draughty gown. 

Our collective experience with COVID-19 has driven this point home. Painfully. Lives forfeited, economies tanked, jobs lost. The “new normal” with masks, “systemic” unemployment, and social distancing sounds right out of a dystopian Sci-Fi movie.

Only this time, the pain is palpable. The misery is real. 

It is time for a change for the better. 

To a new “normal”. 

The Latin word Felix can be translated to – happy, lucky, blessed, successful, fruitful.

We want to upend the status quo. We want to change the dreary interactions that most of us face with healthcare. We want healthcare outcomes to be “successful”. Moreover,  we want the journey to be “happy”. For all stakeholders.

  • For the patients: with advanced warning for early onset of disease or preventable admission. Potentially change a health  trajectory.
  • For physicians and other care providers:  a leading reason for physicians’ burnout is the administrative burden and the previous time it takes away from meaningful conversation with their patients.  Our AI engine encapsulates all of the alerts, test results and other data to truly add to the patient care process.
  • Healthcare back-office:  reduce the repetitive tasks that can make the workdays blend all together and allow for more action-oriented behavior to improve the patient experience.  
  • For industry:  regain lost dollars and put them towards actual patient care, whether it’s taking care of those whose financial situations translate to early death/chronic health issue or enhancing cutting-edge medical research programs.

We want to help enable a “successful” outcome and a “happy” experience for ALL healthcare stakeholders.

Our slogan is – 

Make. Healthcare. Better. 

We do it using our healthcare AI platform. 

We’ve completed 5 years as DocSynk. 

Along the way, we’ve built a strong platform. We’ve won serious accolades from highly respected institutions. We’ve established a strong engineering team. We’ve raised funding to spur growth, standing on the shoulders of our own industry leading products.

This is a singular moment in our journey. We’re at an inflection point. We’re poised to break through.

This is the right time to rebrand ourselves. 

This is the right time to refocus and re-dedicate ourselves to our mission –

Make. Healthcare. Better. 

For All.